3 Sites That Are Basically The Facebook Of Sex

These days, there’s an app for pretty much everything. While sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram boast profiles of everyone in your social circle, you may not know that a lot of these people are also dabbling in some of the lesser known social media apps beneath the surface.

While not many sites out there can boast the userbase of Facebook, the following three apps are the closest you’ll come to finding the hookup equivalent of Facebook.


Not only is Instafuck is pretty much the hookup equivalent of Facebook, it actually connects with your Facebook to find like-minded people.

This free app syncs with your Facebook profile to access your location, then finds potential fuck buddies based on your area code. In addition, Blendr will prioritize your search results by your Facebook friends who are also on Blendr. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether that old school friend of yours is single these days, Blendr will do the hard work for you.

Then, it’s just simply a matter of messaging them and letting them know what you’re looking for! Blendr is catered towards hookups and casual sex, so most of the people on there aren’t going to be looking for anything long-term.


If you want to hook up within the hour, Pure might be the perfect app for you.

Pure is sort of like a combination between Tinder and Snapchat. Once you’ve signed up and input your preferences, you’ll be able to make a post telling the world what you’re looking for. You’ll have to describe the kind of person you’re looking to meet and where you’d like to meet them. Pure will then throw out some matches at you and you’re free to message.

Your matches will be based on people with similar preferences to you as well as filtered by geographical region. But be warned, you won’t stay visible for long. You will only be displayed on other people’s timelines for one hour, then you will disappear until you create a new post.

It’s a perfect setup for people who looking to hook up right away and don’t want to be bombarded with constant messages throughout the day. It also ensures you remain discreet and keeps your intentions private until the time is right.


Happn is a dating app based on a simple idea. It tracks your movements when you’re on the road, then matches you with people who’ve crossed the same paths as you.

Much like Facebook, it will suggest matches based on their proximity to you. It will also filter your matches based on how often you and your potential matches spend time in the same space. For example, you will have a higher match percentage with someone who also spends their afternoons in the local coffee shop than you would with someone you’ve only shared walking space with once.

It’s not strictly a hookup app, but there’s a large majority of users on there who are looking for exactly that. It’s the perfect app to use if you’re based in a busy town or city.